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The current work is the fruit of the author’s reflection of Jesus’ mandate: “Love one another as I have loved you” which he sees as such as the responsibility of the book attempts to shed light on what inspiration involves and how it can be fulfilled. It consists of 4 chapters: Inspiration, Inspiration from Jesus, Inspiration in the Life of the People of God and Relevance of Inspiration.

The chapters unfold and are consistent with their own message. The author begins by analyzing the nature of influence and its connection to sway, transformation, leadership, and the Holy Bible. Inspiration is at the thought-level, whilst sway is from the speech and activity levels. When inspiration starts growth and affects guides, transformation is the final result.

Usually, inspiration is obtained from a pioneer who also wields substantial influence. One need only consider leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela in this respect. A leader is an inspired person with the capacity to influence other people to meet some task for the realization of a target. The Holy Bible, according to church teaching, was inspired by God and endowed with the privilege of inerrancy, regardless of the fact that human beings have composed it.

A substantial person in your life might be the best source of inspiration. Jesus is the most crucial person in countless people’s lives and he’s been for over the past two millenniums. He’s the most powerful source and ultimate version of inspiration. The main resources for drawing inspiration from Jesus are Prayer, The Gospel, The Holy Eucharist, and Assistance. Prayer has been with Jesus and deepening our love-relationship with him.

The Gospel is the book of life and our fundamental rule for holiness. The Holy Eucharist is the summit and source of holiness. In rendering service to others, we identify in them signs of the existence of Jesus. Jesus delivered several inspirational teachings that serve as instructions for improved involvement in his life and ministry and act as guidelines for holiness. The writer presents 8 these teachings, namely: •”Abide in me as I abide in you… people who abide in me bear much fruit.” • “Come to me all who .” • “You will be my witnesses… ” •”As you did to one of the least of these that are members of my family, you did it to me” Jesus’ life was that of prayer, poverty, simplicity, and ministry.

These were geared into the Kingdom of God, which was his life’s mission and the legacy he left behind. In its origin and purpose, the church is a sacrament of inspiration from the world. Laity, priests and religious are called to be beacons of inspiration, albeit in various degrees and capacities. Inspiration marks the start of the journey of the authentic Christian life, but holiness is the ending.

To be motivated by Jesus is and an invitation to accompany him in the course of godliness. Inspiring another individual to holiness should be each individual’s objective. It’s a duty arising from a relationship with Jesus and with our fellow human being. The writer discusses three methods or methods for boosting the ministry of inspiration:

1. Behaviour He sees providing inspiration as ministry since it’s more significant than any other action rendering service to others.  Ministry is largely linked to priests and religious and hence they need to be models of holiness, inspiring others to follow the path of holiness. Attempting to inspire is closely associated with 3 unhealthy behavior patterns: hypocrisy, scandal, and corruption.

Religion, which lies at the foundation of Christian life, is closely linked to inspiration. Inspiration contributes to the faith which consequently leads to conceding and is headquartered in holiness. Therefore, a commitment to a life of religion is the perfect way to inspire others.

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