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With the specific concerns highlighted above, the training program, the bodybuilding exercises, the frequency and intensity of training has to be precisely considered before establishing the perfect program. Bear in mind that in this age, most senior citizens have various health complications which range from hypertension, diabetes to kidney failures. The body is very susceptible to accumulating fats and the metabolism is usually skewed.

The modern health and fitness strategy, that’s the method of initiating bodybuilding training as a way to optimum health and physical fitness, requires that everybody remains active in the fitness The idea, therefore, is to design a bodybuilding training regimen that counters these age-borne adversities and so maintains the body in a prime condition. Increased cardiovascular exercises for a healthy cardiovascular system and weight loss Moderate intensity in weight exercises to stimulate muscle development A proper diet rich in minerals such as calcium and iron Reduced training frequency (Ideally at two days a week) There are particular bodybuilding exercises that have to be integrated into the training regimen for senior citizens.

Bear in mind that the exercises have to be construed as intent on helping the older adults recover or maintain their health and physical fitness. They should incorporate four different types of exercises specifically Weight lifting exercises for strength (Maintain an intensity level between low and medium) Balance exercises that stimulate physical fitness (Ideally done with free weights i.e.

Endurance exercises which last longer but with a minimum intensity i.e. For these exercises, two exercise sessions of 40 minutes each will be perfect. Generally, a senior citizen is suggested to contract a fitness trainer or to consult one frequently. This will make certain that her or his bodybuilding program is comprehensive, safe and beneficial. That means that they can craft a workout program like the following Older adults should design their own schedule based on

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