Why Small Business Owners Struggle to Make a Profit


Stop throwing away your money on marketing that does not work! Have you ever wondered why your hard-earned marketing dollars don’t get a terrific return for you? Have you ever thought about how you might enhance your marketing return without spending additional money? Do you want to understand why most marketing spending is a waste of time, energy and money?

Stop wasting your precious time, energy and hard-earned money on marketing that doesn’t work! Knowing the purpose of marketing is the first step to creating your marketing work better for you. By knowing what you’re trying to do with your marketing activities and utilization of these limited resources called bucks, you will dramatically improve the return on investment. So, knowing what marketing is all about is essential to getting optimal results and in this article I will show to you just what you will need to know.

Among the most common mistakes small business owners make is to invest money in the wrong sort of marketing. They spend money on something known as strategic marketing. In other words, how their marketing dollar is going to be spent. ” To put it differently, the way to spend the advertising buck rather than spending their money firstly on strategic marketing. Strategic marketing is the message they would like to send and who to send the message to.

To put it differently, who is our most likely buyer, what are their pain points, what problem do they need to be solved, what solution do we have that’s unique and what’s the decision-making procedure those prospects will likely follow. Marketing is about understanding the needs, wants and needs of a current market, how those needs, wants and needs are now being met by competitors from the marketplace and how you can benefit from the opportunities which exist in these markets to produce a profit.

To make the maximum profit from any niche you need to make a market-dominating position. That’s a place that once identified can be communicated to your target audience with a clear understanding that you’re the obvious selection for selection to address their pain points. This is accomplished by focussing your advertising messages clearly to evoke an action in the potential customer that starts them on the purchasing journey with you. It isn’t always a message, in the first instance, to purchase now!

Unless it’s an emergency service that you’re offering, Your message must be to engage the prospect in the purchasing journey you’d have developed that takes them through the identified This might be a process involving a number of logical steps. Along the journey, you’ll have to maintain some kind of contact and communication with the prospect which is one reason why strategic marketing fails.

Most buyers, in fact, some might say more than 98 percent of buyers aren’t ready to purchase now. Most buyers are still going along the buying journey. Just as many as 2% of buyers are at the end of the journey and are prepared to act now. If just 2% of buyers are ready to purchase now and you’ve focussed your marketing activities on strategic marketing, i.e. using AdWords and bidding for keywords that get a whole lot of attention, then you’re targeting 2% of the potential buyers for your service or product.

The results are poor returns and a propensity to blame the medium used for its bad results. Put another way, strategic marketing means you are contributing to the research project of the other 98% of possible buyers who might just end up buying from your competition. If 98 percent of buyers today are looking for information, after all, we are living in the information age, then why do you need to do that rather than

have to control the remainder of the dialog, the education process with all those identical potential buyers? Strategic marketing, on the other hand, explains how to increase the education process and once a prospective buyer participates with you, you need to capture them to have the ability to control the dialogue, together with you, AWAY from your competition. This is what’s going to provide you with the best return for your buck.

This is what’s going to turn your business into a profit-making machine. Get your messages right before you invest your hard-earned bucks making advertising platform owners wealthy. Let other competitions flounder around educating your prospects, but only until you choose to engage them in your dialog. Then keep them under control and observe the results grow.

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