Animal Boarding 101: Useful Tips for Pet Boarding

If you are scheduled to be out of town or feel that your dog needs to be supervised for not feeling well, you are not sure where to leave them, consider looking for a reliable vet boarding place. These days, veterinary hospitals and shops now offer pet boarding services that deliver excellent care and supervision for pets while you are away. Get to know more about it as you read on and discover the wonders of pet boarding services. 

Things to Know about Pet Boarding

There are different kinds of pet boarding services, click here to learn more about them. Let us take a look at the top three most common pet boarding facilities available.

Types of Pet Boarding Services

Kennel Boarding Facilities

Like kids’ daycare facilities, this type of boarding service usually has staff members in charge of supervising your pets as they eat, sleep, and play around. In this setting, dogs and other pets are categorized according to breed, size, behavior, and health conditions. This is to ensure the safety of your pets. In this case, pets can go in and out of their kennels whenever they want while their basic needs are attended to by the people in charge. Features such as video monitors that are accessible to pet owners make this a pleasant experience. 

Medical Boarding Facilities

This is the perfect place for those who want professional supervision while they are away. This type of facility separates healthy pets from sick ones. There is an option where you can ask the clinic to take care of all your pet’s needs in terms of playtime, exercise, and other medical care. This is the right place for pets with medical conditions as you can be sure that they will be taken care of properly even during medical emergencies. 

Luxury Boarding Facilities

This is the type of pet boarding service that treats your pets like royalty. These are pet hotels that offer premium comfort and fun as they usually have TVs, couches, large beds, and two-way videos that let you interact with your pets while you are away. 


Pet Boarding Tips 

When choosing where to find a pet boarding service, make sure to keep these tips in mind. 

Learn about the Facility

There are different types of pet boarding services available, and these usually comprise varying inclusions. More importantly, you have to know if this vet is worth going for. Find out if playtime, feeding, medical care, or exercises are included in their offer. It is ideal to go for one that offers veterinary services, especially if your pet is sick, in need of supervision, or prone to experiencing anxiety. Ask if the facility is accredited to offer the service and have experienced and knowledgeable staff in charge.

Prepare Necessities

Check the sanitation and ask about the type of food and drinks they are to give your pets during their stay. You can choose to have your own water or food served to them. Most of these institutions require documents to prove your pet is up to date with its vaccinations. If your pet is currently taking medications, make sure you get all the medicines ready and the instructions on how to administer them available. 


These are just a few of the things you should know before leaving your pet in a pet boarding facility. Entrusting your pet should give you peace of mind, so make sure to go for the best in the market.

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