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Several research projects, undertaken on centenarians, have conclusively demonstrated that while genetic disposition played its part, making changes in the lifestyle contributed significantly to their achievement in leading along Throughout the first half of your life, you’re busy pursuing your career and family objectives and you might not have paid enough idea about making any lifestyle changes.

This may have led to wear and tear, which has started becoming obvious. You may have up to now handled with stop-gap symptomatic remedies whenever some disorders appeared and postponed making lifestyle changes. Now you’ve entered the second half of life, you could be feeling the need to take charge of your body by making a few changes in your lifestyle. It’s been confirmed again and again that making slow and steady lifestyle changes may prolong your healthy life.

Making lifestyle changes can significantly reduce the odds of getting a chronic illness. You can begin the journey towards getting a perfectly healthy body by gradually making some differences in the way you live. The (not so) secret formula for getting a healthy life to achieve 100 consists only three components: A most important component of producing a change in your lifestyle to enjoy life after 50, is to incorporate normal exercises in your daily regime.

Begin your changes by earmarking half an hour a day for exercises. In the event you had been having a very long sedentary lifestyle up to now, start your change leisurely with a relaxed slow walk. Don’t attempt to tax your body anything more than this despite those guides for at least half-an-hour brisk walk, lest your body will refuse to budge next day! Make the slow walk pleasurable preferably at a park or even your own backyard.

After one or two weeks, you’ll realize your pace has improved and the desirable lifestyle changes are gradually happening. When walking becomes a routine, you can consider increasing the time and add further exercises, without irritating your body! Keep this up and you would have the ability to enjoy life after 50 or even after 100! Making changes in food habits do not have to be so painful and harsh! Because you are reading a lot about food, the only thing you need to do is to see what you’re eating. Begin your lifestyle changes in food by cutting your intake down very gradually.

Advise your body in a friendly manner to not consume the extra scoop of ice cream! Don’t skip meals, instead, you may reduce your appetite by eating some raw vegetable salad or fruits in between meals. When you see fatty foods, recall the alarming things you’ve read about cholesterol! Slow adjustments in food habits have a tendency to become more permanent than abrupt, lively headlong plunge into hunger and therefore giving punishment to your body.

Regular medical checkups are also a part of beneficial lifestyle alterations to sustain robust health for senior citizens. Every medical and diagnostic center worth its name offer various kinds of health checkups to suit individual taste and pocket. A number of these medical checkups have the capacity to detect diseases at their nascent stage and will thus enable you to prevent enormous medical bills at a later stage. A number of these medical checkups provide free consultations with expert doctors, who will lead you to make lifestyle adjustments to suit your personal lifestyle.

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